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Learn Hindi   The perfect place to learn and understand Hindi language quick and easy!! Explore our Hindi Section to learn hindi alphabets, words, Vocabulary, grammar as well as how to speak hindi . You can also find Hindi worksheets located at the end of the page. …Lets get started!

Fight Acne   Yes! Its possible to control acne! Acne can never be cured only from outside. It is very important to cure it from inside so you can control them forever otherwise acne will always find a way back to ruin your skin.

Here you will get complete understanding of what is acne? What causes acne? And how to control it? Don’t forget to read “How did I control my acne”!                           acne2

Go Acne to NO ACNE!!

Math lessons for primary   You can find video lessons on various topics like Division, Decimal number system, Fractions, Multiples and Factors etc. for easy understanding of the topic. It is just like taking tuitions from a free online home tutor!!… Check them out!

Meditation   Meditation must be practiced by everyone. Meditation helps to detoxify our brain and thus help us to excel in our field.

profilepicThis section contains many articles including how to meditate and also how can we use it in our daily life for example “How to let go”. Learn all about pranayama, chakra meditation, Anger management, what is meditation, benefits of meditation…

lets start the search for peace inside us!!

Learn to draw    These are our free online drawing classes for beginners. Easy step-by-step drawing tutorials for kids. Feel amazed as your kids watch and learn!… lets begin!

Hypnotherapy   Learn how to hypnotize someone!

Hypnosis is a very powerful technique to tune your mind and cure the problems painlessly. Hypnosis feels just like you are in a deep mediation stage when your mind (after being completely relaxed) starts focusing internally on the unconscious mind rather than focusing on the outside world.

Hypnotherapy can help a person in many ways…

What are you waiting for?… dig in!!

Recipe corner    Don’t forget to check my small collection of tried and trusted recipes or you can call it easy and quick vegetarian recipes. These are the perfect recipes for the lazy days. Its time to give them a try!!

Health  The idea behind this section is to make you aware with some facts related to your health so you can make the right choices and also to help you fight with health problems like Obesity , Asthma , Hair fall and much more. You would never want to miss it… have a look!

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