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The Start

Meditation is necessary for everyone. People are getting aware about the meditation benefits but many people don’t know what does it mean or how to do it.  Doing meditation
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Change yourself

You can’t change anyone else but  you need to change yourself to stay peaceful. I tried them on myself. These new habits can change your entire personality( in a
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Before understanding the meditation you should read ‘Know yourself’ (click here) How to meditate: Note: You should do the Anulom-Vilom Pranayam for at least 5 minutes (I recommend
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Expectations !

“No expectations but unconditional love” is the key to find peace and happiness. You might think that you don’t expect anything from anyone but you are wrong!! Let’s
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Humanity is the only religion. No matter which religion you belong to… have you ever seen GOD? The answer is “No!” But we all can feel the presence
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