Berry Blush ( mocktail )

Easy Mocktail recipe

A party should start with lovely delicious Mocktail . Serve this quick and easy drink and impress your guests.

Berry Blush mocktailIngredients :

Cranberry juice    1 cup (cold)

Orange juice         1 cup (cold)

Sugar                     4 tsp (powdered)

Club soda              2 cups (cold)

Some ice cubes

Mint leaves          6-8 

Grapes/cherry     4-6

Method :

  1. Mix Cranberry juice, Orange juice and Club soda in a big jug.
  2. Put one grape/cherry, 1 mint leaf, and 2-3 ice cubes in each glass.
  3. Now pour the juice mixture in glasses.
  4. Serve and enjoy!!

A note from Author : 

The food which is available outside can not be as hygienic and safe as you can prepare it at home with love for your kids and family but at the same time the truth is that cooking becomes very tiring when you do it daily. So as much as I love to cook food myself for my family, I like to keep the recipe very short and simple yet the taste is amazing. This saves my time and gives me satisfaction too. Here I am sharing my recipes with you. Please try them out and let me know. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Happy cooking!! 🙂

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