Shahi Paneer

Shahi paneer is one of my favourite. Let it be Shahi paneer or any other variety of paneer, I simply love paneer which is also known as cottage cheese. Before moving on to the recipe I would like to add some introduction here because I am tired of reading super lengthy recipes on internet with different pictures but Its hard to figure out what the hell is the difference between paneer butter masala and shahi paneer ??shahi paneer

So I have tried different varieties of paneer at many restaurants and one thing I can say with confidence now that all orange or red gravies taste the same, Its just the things (or veggies) added to these gravies are different like sometimes paneer, peas, potatoes or sometimes mix veg and even deep fried dumplings of veggies etc . Sometimes they are shallow fried and sometimes deep fried. So that’s the exact thing I do at home. I prepare the gravies the same way and add different vegetables to it and trust me it comes out better than the restaurant one, everyone (including my guests) likes them. Now let’s learn how to make shahi paneer which is made with orange gravy 😀 and now please don’t get shocked that there is just one ingredient because I have given the link to different varieties of gravies in the recipe 😉


Paneer      250 gm (cut in cubes )


1. Shallow fry Paneer in oil/ghee for 2-3 minutes.

2. Add the paneer cubes to any gravy of your choice (White gravy / Green gravy/ Orange Gravy)  

* Click on the gravy’s links to see the recipe.

3. And enjoy different varieties like Paneer in white gravy/ Shahi Paneer /Paneer butter masala/ Palak paneer .

A note from Author : 

The food which is available outside can not be as hygienic and safe as you can prepare it at home with love for your kids and family but at the same time the truth is that cooking becomes very tiring when you do it daily. So as much as I love to cook food myself for my family, I like to keep the recipe very short and simple yet the taste is amazing. This saves my time and gives me satisfaction too. Here I am sharing my recipes with you. Please try them out and let me know. Don’t forget to rate the recipe below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Happy cooking!! 🙂

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