Food that should not to be eaten together!!!

Food is a Science. According to Indian Ayurveda there are some food that are very nutritious and healthy for us if eaten alone and but if we mix them with some other food  then they can be harmful for us.  Based on their compositions some food are compatible with each other while some are not. If we avoid eating non-compatible food items together than we can easily keep many diseases at bay.

Below are the lists of non-compatible and compatible food items.

Harmful combinations  (food items that should never be eaten together) :

Don’t Eat this↓ With this↓
Honey                            Warm water, radish,  grapes etc.
Fruits Any other food*
Cold water Peanuts, oil, ghee, watermelon, guava, cucumber, hot milk etc.
Tea Cucumber
Ghee (clarified butter) Honey (in equal quantity) **
Radish                     Banana, raisin, milk
Milk Yoghurt, banana, salt, onion, tamarind, sour fruits, radish, muskmelon, fish, meat, bread containing yeast etc.
Lemon Milk, Cucumber, Yoghurt, Tomato
Yoghurt (curd) Fruit, cheese, eggs, Kheer (rice pudding), milk, paneer, muskmelon, meat, fish , hot drinks etc.

*Fruits should always be eaten alone and Never after meals.

**Honey must never be cooked.

Beneficial combinations : food items that should be eaten together to keep your stomach happy!

  1. Muskmelon with sugar
  2. Mango with cow’s milk
  3. Banana with cardamom 
  4. Dates with milk
  5. Rice with yoghurt (curd)
  6. Rice with coconut
  7. Tamarind with jaggery
  8. Guava with aniseeds
  9. Corn with buttermilk
  10. Radish with radish leaves
  11. Carrot and fenugreek leaves (methi) 
  12. Urid dal(Bengal gram lentil) with jaggery
  13. Brinjal with mustard oil
  14. Apple with cinnamon
  15. Gram dal with vinegar
  16. Peas with ginger
  17. Gram flour with garam masala
  18. Sweet potato with jaggery
  19. Kheer with black pepper
  20. Peanuts with jaggery

You should include the following nutrients in your daily diet to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Nutrients Chart

Nutrient Foods that have the nutrient↓
Protein                            Lentils, grains, gram, peas, milk, paneer, fruits, dry fruits etc.
Fat Milk, oil, ghee, butter, peanuts, dry fruits etc.
Minerals vegetables, fruits, milk etc.
Carbohydrates Grains like wheat, rice, maize, barley, corn, dates, sugarcane, banana, jaggery, sugar etc.
Calcium green vegetables, milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter milk etc.
Water                   8 to 10 glasses of water is a must to drink 
Iron Tomato, spinach, honey, soya, green coriander etc. *
Vitamin A Cabbage, Green coriander, spinach, carrot, mint leaves, fenugreek leaves, papaya, mango etc. 
Vitamin C Oranges, lemon, sweet lemon, tomato, spinach, onion, beetroot, pineapple,radish, guava, gooseberry, etc.

* Food should be cooked in iron skillet to get iron from the food naturally. Iron is a very important nutrient for human body. It helps in formation of blood and prevent you from being anaemic .

Avoid the following  food items if you have these diseases :

Disease Food that should be avoided
Loose motion                            Milk (Yoghurt should be eaten instead)
Arthritis Spinach , banana , potato 
Acidity Pickles
Paralysis Sweets
Ulcer Lemon, orange, sour fruits
Liver                   Alchohol, sugar, ghee, oil, biscuits etc.
Sciatica Yoghurt, banana, rice, radish, potato, sour foods, pickles,  gram dal , bengal gram dal etc.
Skin diseases Salt
Hypertension Salt
Hypotension *One should take salt

Important : Everyone should go for a Complete Body Check-up (including Heart) yearly after the age of 35. 

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