Home remedies for Asthma

Miraculous home remedies for Asthma :  – borax and liquorice.

Suhaga (in Hindi) is also known as ‘Sodium Borate’ or ‘Borax’ in English and ‘Pen sha’ in Chinese.

Mulethi (in Hindi) is also known as liquorice in English.

home remedies for asthmaThese two medicines not only can cure asthma but also a wonderful remedy for cold and cough, even for whooping or chronic cough. There is no harm in trying some home remedies for asthma. Many people are getting benefited by these home remedies for asthma which are not costly too. Give it a try! Let’s have a look at the method to prepare the medicine.

Method :

Separately grind or crush the puffed borax (known as सुहागे का फूला in Hindi) and liquorice ( Known as मुलेठी or मुलहठी in Hindi ) and sift them using a cloth to get a fine powder like flour. Then mix the two drugs in equal quantity and store in an airtight bottle. The medicine is ready.

Intake Method :

For adults : Take half a gram to one gram of the drug two to three times a da. You can mix it in honey and lick it else can take it with warm water too.

For children : 1/8 grams (one ounce) or according to the age can be given some more.

Foods to be avoided : Do not eat or drink yogurt, banana, rice and cold drinks during the medication.

Method to prepare puffed borax (सुहागे का फूला बनाने की विधि) : We need to make it puffed before using it to make any medicine so it can be purified.

Crush the borax to make it powdered and then cook it in an iron wok/skillet on high flame. It will melt and become dry. Now it will start puffing. Keep turning it up and down while puffing using an iron knife/spatula. When the entire borax powder will be puffed turn off the flame. Grind this puffed borax finely using mortar. Store in an air tight bottle.

Some other home remedies for asthma :

  1. Whenever there is an attack of asthma or feeling of breathlessness, One should check for the breathing is happening through which nostril by keeping the finger or palm under the nose. Then close that nostril and try to breathe with the other nostril. For example If it is happening through right nostril then close it with your finger and try to breathe with left nostril or vice versa. You will start to feel the relief in 10 to 15 minutes only.
  1. Grind five to six tulsi leaves (a kind of basil in India, also considered as a sacred plant) finely in a mortar and mix it with honey. Lick it morning and evening as needed for three to four months.
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