Remedies for migraine headache

migraine headacheHeadache is a symptom of some illnesses such as fever, flu, chickenpox, brain tumor, inflammation etc. But sometimes headache seems to happen without any reason. This headache itself is a disease. Headache can begin anywhere in the head from temples to front or back of the head. Lets try to understand common reasons and natural home remedies for migraine headache.

Reasons of migraine headache –

  • When the veins sync blood to the brain it can cause headache.
  • High blood pressure can cause constant headache as well as low blood pressure can cause less supply of oxygen to the brain and can also cause headache.
  • In Fever and pain or anger the nerves in the brain dilate and cause headache.
  • Anxiety increases tension in facial and cranial muscles that leads to headache.
  • Insomnia or even not getting proper sleep can also cause headache.
  • Weakness of the eyes, ears, throat or tooth disease and acidity can also cause constant headache.

Home remedies for Migraine headache –

  • Put 2-4 drops of pure ghee(cow’s ghee) morning and evening into the nose or else just smell it for seven days.
  • Put 4-5 drops of mustard oil into the left/right nostril (whichever side you are having headache) or simply smell it 2-3 times in a day for 7 days.

Other natural home remedies –

First of all try to fix the problem that is causing the headache and also try the following natural remedies with it. It can help reducing the headache.

Eucalyptus oil – Inhale and apply this oil on forehead when you have the headache due to cold. It is available in the pharmacy.

Lemon – squeeze one lemon into a cup of tea (without milk). Drink it two to three times a day. Also crush the lemon leaves and smell them early morning as well as 4-5 times a day.

Carrot and beetroot – Drink carrot juice (185 gm) + beetroot juice (150 gm) + cucumber juice (125 gm) daily.

Ghee – Massage Ghee on the sole of your foot daily before sleeping. It can benefit in the sudden headaches you have.

Mustard oil – Massage mustard oil on the dole of your foot daily before sleeping and put few drops of it in your nose, ears and navel. It can reduce the headache.

Aniseeds – Chew one tsp Aniseeds and drink a glass of milk on it two times a day.

Ginger – Grind dry ginger (sonth) and make a paste of it using warm water. Now heat the paste for 2-3 seconds and apply on forehead or on stomach. This can reduce migraine or the headache, which is caused due to indigestion or gas.

Tulsi– Crush and smell tulsi leaves three to four times a day. Also drinking tulsi leave’s juice and lemon juice in 1:1 ratio can reduce the headache.

Other than these home remedies there are few other things which should be considered to treat the headache naturally-

  • You should get proper sleep in a quiet and peaceful place.
  • You should not have constipation or indigestion.
  • Avoid fried food, non-veg, excess tea or coffee.
  • Do not put strain on your eyes.
  • One should massage the head and sole of the feet with ghee/mustard oil regularly.

Note : You must consult your physician before starting any home remedies for migraine headache.

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