Miraculous Heart attack remedy

This is a Miraculous remedy for Heart trouble or heart attack.

Note : Terminalia arjuna is a tree . It is known as ‘Arjun tree ‘ in Hindi and English, ‘thella maddi’ in Telugu and ‘marudha maram’ in Tamil.

The Remedy : Dry the bark of Arjuna tree ( Arjun ki chaal ) by keeping it in shade and then grind it to make powder. Mix 250 ml cow’s milk , 250 ml water and 1 tsp arjuna bark’s powder. Heat the mixture on low flame. Bring it to boil and keep boiling until the mixture becomes half. Let it cool until warm enough to drink then strain and drink it.

Note : If you can find the bark of Arjuna tree, fresh then boil 12 gm bark in 250 milk and 250 ml water. And prepare the mixture the same way as written above.

Method : For the first month, drink it empty stomach in the morning then do not eat or drink anything till next 2 hours. After one month drink it (in the mornings only) on the first , middle and last day of each month alternatively you can take it in the morning for the first three days of every month.

This is a miraculous heart or cardiac tonic in sagging of heart, fast heartbeat, swelling in heart and other heart diseases. This is beneficial even in high blood pressure.

Helpful remedy :

apanvayu mudraApanvayu mudra : Tip of your index finger should touch the base of your thumb. Put the tips of your middle finger and ring finger on tip of your thumb. Little finger is extended outside.

This mudra is a panacea to stop heart attack. Other than this it is very much effective in gas troubles. You can practice this mudra from 5 to 45 minutes everyday. This mudra should be done with both the hands either while sitting or lying position.

Beneficial food in heart problems :

Gooseberry, Apple, Grapes, Lemon juice, Cow milk, Barley water , Coconut water, Carrot, Spinach, Garlic, Onion, Broken wheat (daliya), Raisins, Roasted gram, Small harad (छोटी हरड़) etc.

Restricted food in heart problems :

Non-vegetarian food, Liquors, Smoking, Tobacco, Coffee , Fast food, Fried food, Food preservatives, Processed food, Oil, Ghee, Butter, Cheese, Coconut oil, Salty and Spicy food etc.

Symptoms of heart attack :

The most common symptom is chest pain which may travel into jaw, neck, shoulder, arm or back. It may lasts for more than a few minutes. Sometimes it feels like heartburn. Some other symptoms are feeling tired, shortness of breath, cold sweat, nausea or feeling faint.

How does it happen?

Our heart needs a constant supply of blood. The arteries provide this blood. When the arteries become narrow then the blood can’t flow because of fats or other inflammatory cells also known as plaque, build up in the arteries. When this plaque ruptures, blood clots form around this plaque. When a blood clot blocks the artery, it can’t supply the blood to the heart causing damage of the heart muscle cell and thus a person gets the heart attack.

Remember regular exercise, relaxing , deep sleep and restrained ( controlled ) life style is the key to your health.

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