How to Hypnotize Someone

part4Hypnotism or hypnotize someone is neither controlling someone against his will nor it is any magical power. Hypnotherapy is a great way to make someone feel relax, lower stress levels and let go of the problems even without trying to “solve” anything

It needs lots of practice to master the art of hypnotizing someone. We all have experienced hypnosis or trans-state when we are in our daydreams or when we are fully absorbed in music or movies and become completely unaware of our surroundings. Hypnotist actually helps a person to relax and put him into a trans state. It is easy to hypnotize someone who wants to get hypnotized to solve or overcome his problem and believes that it works. Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to hypnotize someone.

Stage 1: Preparation

  1. The room in which you want to hypnotize your client should be clean, quiet, and comfortable and should be filled with dim-light where the client can feel safe and free from distraction. Windows should be closed. You and your client must turn off the cell phones, as there should not be any noise during the session.
  1. Make sure to ask the client if he has tried hypnosis before and what was his experience. What was the process of hypnosis. This will help you to plan your own strategy, suggestions and also the things you should not do with the particular client.
  1. Educate your client about hypnosis that it is simply a relaxation technique that helps people gain clarity on problems and issues in their subconscious mind which affect their daily lives. In hypnosis no one become unconscious or under other’s control and also will not do anything against one’s will.
  1. Talk to your client thoroughly to determine what is he looking for. This will give you the idea of what is causing the anxiety, fear, shy, distress, hatred, unhappiness or any other emotional injury in his subconscious mind. After knowing what your client is looking for with hypnosis will make it easy for you to put him into the trance state.

Stage 2: The Trance State

If you want your client to listen to you then make sure your client trusts you before the session starts and you should also be completely relaxed and still during the entire session. Below are few suggestions. Start in a slow and soothing voice and keep the same tone throughout the session. Make him relax the whole body part by part.

“Everything here is safe, calm, and peaceful. Now breathe in deeply. The air is filling your chest and lungs. Now slowly let the air out of your chest and lungs completely. Let yourself relax as you take deep breaths. Your muscles are getting relaxed and soon you can feel your eyelids getting heavy and you may want to close them. Listen to your body and let it sink naturally. You are listening to my voice and you are feeling deeply relaxed and calm. You will accept the suggestions, which are for your own good. Focus on your breath. It is regular and deep.

Now relax your toes and feet… and let go of these muscles… now move up to the calves… relax your lower leg… now feel the muscles in your upper leg and so on up to the face muscles. You are feeling completely calm and relaxed. You are letting yourself slip deeper and deeper into a calm, peaceful trance. Now circle back around to your neck, back, shoulders, arms, and fingers. Relax your feet and ankles. Feel the muscles lighten and loosen in your feet effortlessly. You are going deeper and you are enjoying this” Watch the video below for instructions :

Keep your voice low and soothing. Repeat the suggestions a few times until your client appears to be completely relaxed. Once this is achieved walk the client down the “hypnotic staircase.” This is powerful technique to make the client fall into a deep trance state. Ask the client to imagine himself at the top of a long staircase in a warm and quiet room. Tell them there are ten steps. Now continue in a low soothing voice and guide them down the steps.

“As you step down, you feel yourself sinking deeper into relaxation. Each step is taking you deeper into your own mind. Now step down the second step and feel you are stepping deeper into your subconscious… (Watch the video below for Hypnotic staircase) …Now close the door behind you and turn and find yourself in a very special place.”

Now describe special place like in the video at the end. This means moving on to Stage 3.

 Stage 3: Altering the mind

Hypnosis does not work like magic but just a way to help people to reach deep into their subconscious mind. For serious problems always seek help from a professional. It is very easy to solve problems with hypnotherapy if the client himself wants to find a solution and believes that it really works.

To alter somebody’s mind you need to give him suggestions according to his problem that you want to fix. You must discuss this with your client thoroughly before the hypnosis began that what exactly the client is looking for.

Now ask the client to imagine himself in any situation where he finds the trouble. Ask him to feel comfortable and confident in that situation.

The imagination is aligned to the pattern of our behavior in a certain situation, which produce emotional responses like anger, blush, lack of confidence, nervous, anxious or anything that you want to fix.

Now try to reprogram his patterns. In a soft soothing voice ask him to feel the way he wants to feel. Ask him to imagine things that make him feel good. Make him imagine that his problem is completely solved already. Ask him to imagine himself succeeding or overcoming the issue.

The unconscious mind learns so quickly and so effectively. It needs a clear message about what you want from it. Send a message to the unconscious mind by attaching an emotion to a particular situation. Emotion causes patterns to ‘stick’ in the unconscious mind,

Now his unconscious mind has received a clear message about how he wants to feel in the situation itself!

Stage 4: How to end the session

You must take the client out of his trance state very slowly. In a low soothing voice make him aware of the surroundings. Tell him to Open his eyes slowly as you count from one to five and tell… Now he can feel the surroundings… Now he is fully awake and refreshed.

After hypnosis session wait for the client to become relax and normal again. Give him some time and then ask your client about How did he feel? Did he find it right? Did he face any trouble during the session? This will help you improve next time. 


Q. What is the process to hypnotize someone?

A. You will be asked to imagine the situation where you can access your unconscious mind and alter it to use it more effectively.

Q. How does it feel?

A. It feels just like when you are so absorbed in watching a movie or reading a book and you become completely unaware of your surroundings. 

Q. Shall I be safe?

A. Hypnotize someone never means you are in someone’s control or would do something against your will but you should be able to trust your hypnotherapist.

Q. Is it just imagination?

A. No, its more to do with your unconscious mind which holds your beliefs and affect your reactions in daily life without you being aware of it.

Q. Shall I be under someone’s control?

A. No 

Q. Can something go wrong?

A. You should be able to trust the hypnotist. Never use hypnotization if you have a history of mental disorders. Always seek help from a trained and licensed professional.

Q. Does it really work?

A. It depends on your response and willingness to go along with the instructions provided by your hypnotherapist. Allow your thoughts to respond freely to the suggestions and your mind will let you dig deep.

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