Hypnotherapy  i.e. altering the human mind.

Mostly people seek help from hypnotherapist to fix their problems, which are basically attached with their emotions.

Lets try to understand how hypnotherapy is performed and how it can help someone significantly.

The idea behind this science is to program a person in such a way that he becomes ready to face the situation perfectly in which he was feeling nervous, anxious or scared before. This means programming the unconscious mind with the right responses when a certain situation triggers some emotion.

Hypnotherapy can change your emotional reaction i.e. how you feel about something for example to help you quit smoking, it can change how you feel about cigarettes or to help you lose weight, it can change how you feel about high calorie foods and sweets and the list goes on.

A Hypnotherapist first try to examine the belief system of a person by interviewing the client thoroughly like his routine, diet, medications, sleep pattern, relationships, phobias etc., in order to find the root cause of the problem and then he tries to alter those beliefs using hypnosis.

It is very important for a person to feel very relaxed and safe to undergo the hypnosis. The hypnotherapist must be friendly and should also sound unassociated at the same time. The chances, that a person will believe some new idea, are higher while the person is in emotional state. So a hypnotherapist raises the emotions of his client by making him relaxed and calm in order to make his client more receptive and then he tries to alter his beliefs or implant some new beliefs.

As you might know that most people find it so hard to admit that they are wrong or their belief, which they are holding on to from long time, are wrong. So it’s really not easy to perform hypnosis. Secondly if a person does not believe in hypnosis or getting hypnotized than it becomes very hard to help the person dealing with his emotional problems.

It’s important to build the trust with the client and also to provide the environment where the client can feel relaxed and safe. If the client believes in the hypnotherapy than there are higher chances for hypnosis or hypnotization to be successful.

So hypnotherapy is actually making you imagine the situation and making you imagine that you are in there (though its not real) by hypnotizing you and then alter your responses and help you take control of the situation (which you can never do with your conscious mind) using some positive approach to treat the unconscious mind by making you practice hard.

Hypnotherapy can help a person in many ways like :

  • Quit Smoking
  • Insomnia (not able to sleep)
  • Stop your past from hurting you
  • Forming healthy habits
  • Build Self Confidence
  • Overcome your fear
  • Understanding people

And many more…

Some basic ethics that any hypnotist or hypnotherapist needs to follow :

  • Never practice hypnosis without consent.
  • Always act responsibly and with integrity.
  • Unless you are a trained and licensed medical doctor, you are not qualified to treat any medical disorders.
  • Never take advantage of your subjects via hypnosis.
  • Always be familiar with and follow the regulations where you perfom hypnosis.

There are many other rules which should be followed according to the place where the hypnotherapy is being practiced.

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