What is Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis or hypnotism ?

Hypnosis is a very powerful technique to tune your mind and cure the problems painlessly. Hypnosis feels just like you are in a deep mediation stage when your mind (after being completely relaxed) starts focusing internally on the unconscious mind rather than focusing on the outside world.

You might have observed someone when he is asleep and dreaming. You might have noticed that rapid eye movement of the person. Hypnosis is similar to dreaming which happens during the Rapid Eye Movement phase of sleep known as REM. The swinging watch method can artificially put your mind into the REM state.

It’s the unconscious mind you need to deal with if you want to hypnotize / hypnotise someone or yourself.

The unconscious mind holds the memories, desires, beliefs and much more information and we don’t have easy access to it. When you can do something without thinking that means you have assigned it to your unconscious mind – talking, driving, writing, walking, eating, catching a ball and many more.

Do you know that you have already experienced a bit of it! Remember when you imagine things going wrong and it makes you feel anxious? That is Hypnosis Or you can say negative-hypnosis!!

So when you have any problem the solution lies in your unconscious mind. Its your responses that are stored somewhere in your unconscious mind, ultimately need to change.

Lets start with the self-hypnotization so you can get the experience of how the hypnotism works. This way you will feel confident while hypnotizing someone else.

Lets try to understand how to hypnotise / hypnotize  :

  • The first step is to make yourself relaxed as much as possible by continuously looking at some spiral pattern and by doing deep rhythmic breathing. You can find lots of images and videos on Google and YouTube for the purpose. This can take 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Now imagine yourself in any situation where you find the trouble. You need to believe that you are really there and its happening (even though its not real.)
  • Your imagination is aligned to the pattern of your behavior in a certain situation, which produce emotional responses like anger, blush, lack of confidence, nervous, anxious or anything that you want to fix.
  • Now start feel comfortable and confident in that situation and reprogram your patterns. Try to feel the way you want to feel. Try to imagine things that make you feel good.
  • you can use hypnosis to change your response. You can take complete control of your emotional reaction.
  • the unconscious mind learns so quickly and so effectively. It needs a clear message about what you want from it.
  • Send a message to your unconscious mind by attaching an emotion to a particular situation. Emotion causes patterns to ‘stick’ in the unconscious mind,
  • Now your unconscious mind has received a clear message about how you want to feel in the situation itself!

After 4-5 Hypnotise sessions (on the self or on others), one doesn’t need to fake that he can handle the problem but it start to feel natural. Naturally confidant! Naturally happy!! Naturally not-angry!! Naturally Focused!

There are people who really want to be hypnotized as they feel very relaxed.

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