Anger management

AngersmallsizeYou must control your anger because only you are getting burned in it.

All of us are angry at someone or something or even God. Anger is like a disease in the body and when you want to cure a disease then first you have to find the root cause for it. There will be N number of reasons for you to be angry but please do not read this article if you think…

  • “Its okay to be angry sometimes or on some people!”


  • “I am not an angry person but people make me angry. Its not my fault!!”

Then you are not ready yet!!

But if you’ve decided to throw your anger far away, want to feel the peace within then keep reading…its gonna be a long article 🙂

Lets do Anger management step by step…

There could be so many reasons but the base of our anger is “we are hurt!” more emotionally than physically, because some people/things failed to meet our expectations (click here to understand about expectations) which caused us shame, anxiety, fear and anger. This hurt is the root cause for our anger and we will remain angry unless we fix the problem from its root. In order to do so first we need to fix our self because unknowingly/unintentionally we are into some bad habits. We need to mend our ways…

You must have heard that it is not important what people think about you but you should believe in what you are. Do you realize that you are also this “PEOPLE” for others? You are also the one who keeps thinking too much about others. Lets put it this way that you think about people and people think about you. We have to break this cycle. Just stop thinking about people and soon you will notice that they also have stopped thinking about you.

Stop observing people for they are right or wrong. Stop giving judgments about them. We have no rights to judge anybody because we have no idea of what/how was their journey of life. We don’t know why do they think and behave that way. All you know is, whether you yourself are right or wrong?

  • If you are right then why to be angry because you are responsible only for your actions and not for others. If you have done the right thing then that will bring good to you. Forgive the guilty because he will definitely get punished for his doings. It is not your business when and how he will get punished… leave it to God. Have trust that God can handle things much better than us.

On the contrary…

  • If you are wrong then there is no reason to be angry. Accept your mistake, apologize and do whatever you can to amend it. The moment you start to repent, you are forgiven, not necessary by the other person but by the God.

 By getting angry and thinking negative you keep transmitting negative energy. This can damage you in few ways.

  1. No one can find peace and happiness near you so no one wants to be around you.
  2. You feel tired all the time and can not focus on anything you do.
  3. This energy will come back to you in some form and will harm yourself.

We create our destiny ourselves. So we should be very careful what kind of energy we are transmitting. What we give is what we get back so “Do good and get good” is the only golden rule to live life.

No one thinks that he is wrong because while doing something everybody thinks that he is doing the right thing. Then the question is, we were planning or not planning to forgive Whom?? No one is asking for our forgiveness. Everyone is right in their own perspective so there in no need to forgive others at all. We need to accept this fact and we need to just forgive our SELF!! for holding onto something meaningless for so long…

Now lets take some steps to control our anger…`

You have a choice how to react. Let me tell you a story…

Once there was a farmer. He had a son who was tilling a small field with the help of a horse. One day the horse ran away. The neighbours came to the farmer’s house and said, “we are so sorry, this is a very bad situation. You have such bad luck.” The farmer simply said, “Maybe.” The next day the horse came back and brought with it half a dozen other wild horses. The neighbours came again and said, “This is such good news. What tremendous luck!” The farmer said, “Maybe.” On the third day the son fell and broke his leg while trying to ride one of the wild horses. The neighbours cried again, “What bad luck!” The farmer said, “Maybe.” The next day the king’s people came to recruit strong healthy farmers into the army. When they found the farmer’s son with a broken leg they left him alone. The neighbours came again and said that it was not such bad luck after all and that everything turned out well. The farmer said, again, “Maybe.”

You see, we can’t control what happens but we do have a choice how to react. We don’t know how the things will turn out in the future. Always remember that everything happens according to God’s plan and he can never be wrong.

Next time when you feel angry then first take the responsibility that you shouldn’t have allowed yourself to be angry and then do the following :

  1. Take a deep breath and find a quiet place to sit down.
  2. Close your eyes and meditate for 5 mins like this
  3. Imagine that the person/thing, which is causing pain and making you angry is a evil negative force/energy trying to control you. And imagine that you are transparent like a pure soul.
  4. Let all the negative energy pass through you into the space.
  5. After 5 minutes feel that you are free again like a pure happy soul without any negative thoughts for anybody because you are responsible only for your actions.

I hope this helps. Let me know your views below.

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