Change yourself

You can’t change anyone else but  you need to change yourself to stay peaceful.

I tried them on myself. These new habits can change your entire personality( in a good way of course 🙂 )

Its time to develop some new habits and change yourself:

  • Keep reminding yourself daily that you are not an angry person. You are a very happy person.
  • Develop a habit of speaking slowly. This gives you time to think before you speak. Never hurt anybody by your words.
  • Never justify yourself for getting angry by giving any reason.
  • Respect people to get respect.
  • Always try to sound confident and not angry.
  • Keep attentive whole day and never get caught by any negative thought i.e. transmitting only good.
  • Create positive thought for situation then try to have a good feeling and then react.
  • Do meditation daily. (its best if done early morning)
  • Its not important “What people would think?”
  • Physical things never give happiness. They just give comfort.
  • Happiness is always inside you. Never let anyone disturb it.
  • Stop observing people. Stop giving judgements. Let the people be the way they are.
  • Read inspirational and positive literature before going to bed.
  • Try to get right  information from all the senses to stay positive.
  • Try to handle all the situations with love.

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