Expectations !

“No expectations but unconditional love” is the key to find peace and happiness.

You might think that you don’t expect anything from anyone but you are wrong!! Let’s try to understand how these expectations kill our happiness and peace but first become aware of your known/unknown expectations.

For example you expect your family members to listen to you. You expect them to work and behave as you like. You expect your child to fetch a glass of water for you!! You expect your kids to be obedient and compassionate with you. You expect your kids to become champion in everything. You expect your partner to be soft, polite and caring for you. You even expect your partner to only listen to you and not to her/his parents!! You expect your parents to be nice, loving and be available to you whenever you need them. You expect your in-laws not to trouble you. You expect your neighbors or friends to listen to you all the time and they should not oppose you. You expect so much from everybody around you!! And you think these are not expectations but those people are supposed to behave that way. And this is the most important reason for your unhappiness. When the people don’t do as you expect them to do then you feel angry!

You expect because you are attached to the people around you.

Just let go of your attachments with EVERYONE and everything.  We are with these people just for this lifetime. We forgot who all were there with us before this birth and we will forget these people too after our death. This life is given to us for a very short period of time. Live it well. There is a difference between attachment and love.

Attachment sets expectations but Love sets free. Attachments have fear. When somebody say something negative about the people you are attached to then you feel hurt. Or when the person you are attached with, say something negative about you then you feel hurt. So don’t have attachment with anyone or anything but start loving unconditionally. When we love people then we give/offer our services to them for free without wanting anything in return or without any expectations. Love Unconditionally!
Looks harder huh??
No one can change deep-rooted habits in a finger snap but with practice we can change. Include ‘MEDITATION’ in your daily routine. It should be done as the first thing in the morning. Next time you feel disheartening or betrayed or sad because of someone then check within, what expectation have you set for that person? Take a deep breath, sit in front of a mirror and tell yourself “that’s ok! I am learning to change myself, I don’t hate anybody, I am not angry, I just love, I just give, I don’t expect anything in return.”
Fill your self with love for God and let the love heal your hurt.

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