How to Let Go…

Remember! in order to learn something first you must empty your cup

If you are reading this post means you are ready to let go but not sure how. I would suggest you to first read the article ‘The Start’.

This is the time when you can make a difference. Just LET GO… Know yourself… Believe in yourself… Lets do it…

Sit alone in silence. Read the following slowly and say it louder to yourself:

coverpic2I am a soul not body. God is the origin of everything, the eternal supreme light…Very pure!

I am having a silent union with God.

Every action has a reaction with every action I am creating my own destiny. It is a never-ending cycle. We never die and so our actions, We have to reap the fruits (good or bad) of our actions.

I am a powerful being, creator of my thoughts. Irrespective of situations I’ll create strong, powerful positive thoughts.

My happiness does not depend on people, things or situations.

What energy I send out (as my thoughts) in the world will come back to me as my destiny. I understand my thoughts are my creation. So I think positive.

Whatever pain or betrayal, I hold till now, I chose to hold to this pain. I chose to live in pain. But today I liberate myself from this pain by creating the powerful positive thought. Because I am a peaceful being, no one else has the power to hurt me. Peace is my nature. Peace is my strength.

I choose to “ Let go …”

I know who I am. I am not perfect so I need to work on it and I am working on it.

I know I am a very good, happy and peaceful person. This is what I know about myself and that is what matter.

I do not care what people think about me. I am having a wonderful relation with God.

This is the time when I can make a difference.


Know yourself…Believe in yourself…

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A note from author :  I tried to summarize all that I learned from Bhagwad Geeta and some other resourses,  which worked for me. We can not learn and understand anything just in a snap. We can not be changed overnight. We need to practice these principles daily. I advice you to read all the articles on Meditation on this website.

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