Humanity is the only religion.

No matter which religion you belong to… have you ever seen GOD?

The answer is “No!”

But we all can feel the presence of the supreme spirit. He is always there for all of us. He created all humans the same way. The life began many years ago on this planet. None of us exactly know how it was? What all was there and how the things changed in last many million years?

But we all (religions) believe that in the very beginning there were two people, one man and one woman. And the creation started from those two.

Well, this simply means that we all belong to one family!! Then why do you hate other people?

I guess as our family kept expanding we had divided into so many groups. We started following different paths and customs. But all these different paths lead us to the same Supreme Spirit. God is one. He is just known by many different names.

People fight over religion for the following reasons:

  1. They want to prove that they are better than the others.
  2. Whose God is real?
  3. Who is more kind and trustworthy or who is cruel and violent?
  4. What I do is right and what you do is wrong?? Really!!

There was no Hindu, no Muslim, no Christian and no Sikh. We don’t know who created them because none of us remember how and what exactly happened millions years ago. Humans created all these religions later.

A religion can never be bad. It is the people who became bad. Quran can never teach anybody to become terrorist and take innocent lives. Geeta can never teach anybody to become rapist and rape even a 2-year-old girl. We can find these kinds of people who lost their path in every religion. A religion never allows you to hurt even the feelings of anybody.

Even if you think that some religion is bad than also it is not for you to make violence or force others to change their religion or malign or mock at other religion. If you believe in your God then you do believe that he creates everyone and everything around us. How can you hate his creations? God gave us birth in a particular family so we could follow that family’s religion. He already decided that for everyone. All the religions lead us to the same God. Violence is not the answer to anything.

If you respect your God and if you believe that everything happens according to his plan and he creates everything then respect everything he created. As a human your responsibility is to look after your family and to play your part well in serving the society and Mother Nature. All the religions depicts God as a kind, peaceful and merciful supreme father then how can you think he wants violence and he will forgive you for terrorism and other heinous crimes.

Nobody can ever explain Before Birth and After Death. The spirit never dies. There is no logic. It’s just faith. We all came from the same source. All the religions tell us to be kind, compassionate and to help each other.

Please don’t let the evil thoughts damage you. What goes around comes around!! You will not be spared for whatever wrong you do And I believe this reason should be enough to stop doing all hateful acts like racism, rape, kidnaping, beating, killing and many more… because sooner or later you have to pay! You create your destiny by yourself. You will get what you will give to the world. So start giving love and respect to others and you will get the same in return  🙂 As I always say that the golden rule to live life is “Do Good, Get Good.”

There is only one religion “Humanity”

Stop violence!

Be Human!

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