The meaning of life

In today’s era the life is happening only on social media. We spend on luxury goods, eat out, go for parties and what not, just to feel ‘happy’ but all that happiness is momentarily. We do all sorts of things which have even a slightest possibility to give us happiness but still we all have a feeling of distress. Why in spite of trying so hard we are still searching for peace and happiness? One moment we are happy and the next moment we feel simply tired not physically but mentally. We become anxious. This is not ‘enjoying life’. We can enjoy life only when we have perpetual happiness, perpetual bliss. 

We are in distress because we do not understand what life is all about and what is our goal. We are living in ignorance. We need to accept our true nature as a soul and not as a body. We are just walking on this journey call life, aimlessly without any direction and blaming others for whatever happens with us. 
A person can be happy only if he knows how to be happy. Being happy is an art that we all need to learn. Being happy is the true nature of your soul.
I would like to share the knowledge I gained about life through my experiences and what I believe to be true… 

1) Life is all about earning points. For some actions you are rewarded with positive points and for some you are punished with negative points. In the end all your points are totalled. It is like a game and your performance depends totally on you. There is no one to blame. As you sow, so shall you reap. Based on how many + or – points you have earned, the new journey or next life begins. So if you want to be happy not only in this life but through out the cycle of life then trust me the only golden rule to live life is “Do Good, Get Good.” and to do that you must learn to control and subside your anger. We will discuss about it in anger management.

the meaning of life2) There is only one God. We all know him by different names according to our religion. All the religions tell us that God is kind, loving, caring and compassionate. God is the creator…the father and he wants his children to be kind, loving, caring and compassionate too. We should love and respect all the creations of the Creator.

3) We can never find peace and happiness anywhere outside us because it is already inside us but it is covered with the dust of ignorance. Let’s clean this dust and find the source of perennial happiness. The next and very important step for us is to stop expecting anything from anybody and then understanding that we are the only one responsible for whatever good or bad has happened, is happening and will happen with us. We have to learn to detach ourselves from the material world yet getting engaged in fulfilling our duties. Let us discuss this step by step in detail.

Note : The key to happiness is ‘First you have to give happiness to the world which will bring you happiness in return!’ So do not try to find the meaning of life… Learn to live a meaningful life instead…

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