Before understanding the meditation you should read Know yourself’ (click here)

How to meditate:

Note: You should do the Anulom-Vilom Pranayam for at least 5 minutes (I recommend 10 minutes if you have time) before meditation to still your mind.

profilepicEvery early morning sit, relax and imagine the crown of your head is opening to download the cosmic energy into you. Now take normal deep breaths, keep your eyes closed and tell yourself and God:

  • I am your servant and I am ready to do the service. I am ready to give my excellence to my relationships, my work, my health, my community, my planet.
  • I don’t expect anything in return. I just Give.
  • It’s my choice how to react in any situation.
  • I can create my destiny by my thoughts.
  • I am always happy and a peaceful soul.
  • Everything and everyone is having God inside them. I love and respect everyone Unconditionally.
  • I am very beautiful.
  • I do not justify myself by giving reasons for my wrong actions.
  • Everything happened and is happening in my life according to God’s plan and God can never be wrong.
  • If some thought is giving me pain, means that thought is not right so I need to just sit and think. What is making me think wrong. Then change this thought because truth is always is always peaceful and comfortable. Happiness is my nature. Happiness is unconditional. It is my creation.
  • I choose to live only in the present moment. (Never get caught by a negative thought. If it happens then take a deep breadth and meditate for 5 minutes and come back to your present)
  • I choose to say YES to everything in life. I am wide open to welcome everything. (No matter good or bad)
  • Everything in my life is a gift from God. I am very grateful for it.
  • I am transparent. (Don’t hold on to anything or anyone. Allow everything to pass through u as u go about your daily interactions. Each time you notice a defence pattern like judgement, blame, numbing out or getting angry, feeling lethargic or hyperactive.  Then just take a pause, deep breadth and allow yourself to be transparent).
  • Be very careful with the words. Your words should hurt no one.
  • Talk less. Talk slow. Talk sweet.
  • Whatever I do, wherever I go, God is inside me and God is with me.

Editor:  I tried to summarize the  knowledge which helped me a lot in finding peace and that really worked for me. We can’t learn and understand anything just in a snap. We can’t change overnight. We need to practice these principles daily. I advice you to read all the articles on Meditation on this website.

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