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TheStartMeditation is necessary for everyone. People are getting aware about the meditation benefits but many people don’t know what does it mean or how to do it. 

Doing meditation does not mean becoming a saint but before understanding meditation it is very important to know or update us about spirituality. This equips us to reap meditation benefits.

Spirituality starts with self-realisation. When we can feel the presence of some higher power and can sense the connection to it. It is when we start considering ourself a soul and want to get the inner peace not just by going to church , temple or mosque and pray for physical or emotional comfort in life but by serving and helping nature and other beings in whatever way we can.
Spirituality is not necessarily means being ascetic but it gives us wisdom to live a meaningful life. It brings out the goodness in us. A non spiritual person can never understand until he experience it. Everything in life can not be explained logically. There are things that can only be experienced by us. 

Now Lets discuss and understand few things before moving on to the 6th point “Meditation”…

1. Understanding Life

2. Don’t expect!! 

3.  Anger control was never that easy

4. Change yourself

5.   Know yourself… Let Go…

 6.  Meditation

After reading all these articles and applying them in your daily life, you will find yourself on a whole new level. Personality development is one of the greatest meditation benefits.

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