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Understanding Division Understanding Fractions
Properties of division -Part 1 Value of Fractions
Properties of division -Part 2 Equivalent Fractions
How to divide / method of division Types of Fractions
Long division Simplify the Fraction to lowest term
Division of 2-digits ex. 48 by 2 Convert Improper to Mixed fraction and Mixed to
Improper fraction
Division of 2 digits – Part 2 Comparision of (like)Fractions – Part 1
Division of 3 digits ex 500 by 5 Comparision of (unlike)Fractions – Part 2
Division of 3 digits – Part 2 Comparision of (unlike)Fractions – Part 3
Division with Remainder Addition and Subtraction of like Fractions
Division by 10, 100, 1000 Addition of unlike Fractions
Division by 2-digits ex. 468 by 26  
Decimal number system Multiples and Factors
Understanding Decimal numbers Multiples
How to convert Fraction to decimal and Decimal to
Expanded form of decimals Properties of Multiples and Factors
like and unlike decimals  
Equivalent decimals  
Compare decimal numbers < , = , >  
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