Animal sacrifice banned during Nepal festival

Animal sacrifice is one of the rituals which is beyond my understanding and I firmly believe that one has no right to take something which he can not give. Be it sacrifice , murder  or suicide , we humans have no rights to take someone’s life at all!!!


What a news!! What a relief!!

I definitely thought that It would take years to stop the devotees from murdering thousand of innocent animals in Nepal but I couldn’t believe my eyes what I was reading…

Things like this can actually happen. I applaud the decision made by Nepal’s temple trust, which couldn’t be possible without commendable efforts of Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN) and Humane Society International/India(HSI). I wish AWNN and HSI all the very best for their next campaign of educating devotees for not to sacrifice animal in the next Gadhimai festival.

Kudos to everyone who supported the cause.

It’s indeed a great victory!

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