Has nature taught us a lesson?

Nepal has devastated after a massive earthquake, one of the most powerful earthquakes in decades. We all are praying for them. Nepal is waiting for aid. Death toll passed 4000. We all want to help them.

I am feeling miserable too. But this is happening the second time in last 5 months that I am feeling really miserable and that too again for Nepal. 

I can’t forget that day Friday 28 November 2014. I read in the news “Over 5,000 buffaloes slaughtered in Nepal.” buffalo

I felt miserable, I felt helpless… I felt scared… 

The reason behind that barbaric act was : 

“Devotees believe the event brings good luck, and will encourage Gadhimai, the Hindu goddess of power, to answer their wishes.”

So is this the way their goddess answered their prayers?? Or is this the lesson mother nature taught us??

Any goddess is a mother too and a mother can never ask for such cruelty. Who gave them rights to take 5000 innocent lives 5 months ago? We humans feed on her milk, An animal who is like a mother to you. And no matter which animal it is but humans have no rights to  take other lives. Humans played with nature… against the mother nature…

I am feeling very sorry and sad because when God decides to teach the lesson or mother nature try to maintain the balance, we humans need to pay with thousands of innocent lives…

Is this not the right time to talk like this as Nepal is in pain? But if not now then when?? Not only Nepal but we all are breaking rules everywhere in the world and we don’t know how many more disasters we need to face..

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