Hypnotherapy  i.e. altering the human mind. Mostly people seek help from hypnotherapist to fix their problems, which are basically attached with their emotions. Lets try to understand how
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Hindi worksheet 3 – story

Hindi worksheet – story ( कहानी ) नटखट बंदर खाली स्थान भरो (Fill in the blanks.) शब्द (words) : बंदर, फँसी, बढ़ई, शरारत, खूँटी, सज़ा, लकड़ी, आरी, उखड़, फँस एक _____  था | वह
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Hindi story worksheet 2

हिन्दी कहानी Hindi story worksheet हाथी और दर्ज़ी खाली स्थान भरो (Fill in the blanks.) शब्द (words) : कीचड़, हाथी, कपड़ों, दोस्त, सबक, रोटी, दर्ज़ी,  नदी, शरारत, दुकान, सुई एक_______ था |
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Hindi Story Worksheet 1

हिन्दी कहानी Hindi Story Worksheet  लालची कुत्ता (Greedy dog) रिक्त स्थान भरो | (Fill in the blanks.) शब्द (words) : नदी , भौंकना , कुत्ता, परछाईं, छीनना, मुँह, गिर,
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Protein Pancake

Lets learn to make pancake in indian style 😉 Ingredients For Pancake : Moong dal      1 cup (soaked for 3-4 hours) Yoghurt          3 Tbsp (Fresh and
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