home remedies for acne and scars

I always trust home remedies for acne and scars. Like many I also suffered from severe cystic acne and I want to share what all I did and still do to control my acne. I have given a link to home remedies for acne which I used and that really works at the end of the article but first lets see what all are the remedies for acne and scars in general which you should definitely consider. home remedies for acne

  • Washing your skin helps remove excess surface oils and dead skin cells that can clog your pores, but  try cleansing your face as gently as you can.
  • If you wear makeup/sunscreen, make sure it’s labeled “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” or “oil-free.” This means it won’t clog your pores.
  • Try to find out if you are allergic to some foods by monitoring your diet. As I mentioned in my previous post too and its really important that you should stay away from the foods that are causing more acne.
  • Applying lotions and topical creams containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Be very careful in applying them as too much of use can cause redness, itch, flaky skin and facial hair growth. Benzoyl peroxide can bleach your cloths too.
  • Sometimes people get acne anyway. It is advised to get help from a dermatologist. He can suggest some antibiotics to kill the bacteria that help create pimples. Sometimes acne sufferers need to continue taking antibiotics for 6 to 8 months to completely get rid of acne. I mean it completely depends on person to person. 
  • Never touch or pick your pimple. you can cause even more inflammation by opening them up. picking at pimples can leave tiny, permanent scars on your face.

Treatments for scarring

If you are having light scars then they will disappear on their own if you are young like in your early 20’s and if you are little older than try to use some good gentle scrub on your face twice a week and you should be fine but if you are having really deep bad scars then there are only two remedies. One is that you try to cover or hide your scars using make up or second is that you need to go for some treatment. There are many treatments available nowadays. They are quite expensive too. You should consult a dermatologist for the option best suited for you. some of the treatments are :

Dermabrasion (or microdermabrasion) removes the top layer of the skin using a laser . Your skin will look red and sore for several months, but  it will heal and  improve the appearance of your scars.

Laser treatment can be used to treat mild to moderate acne scarring. It is used to remove a small patch of skin to produce a new skin and to stimulate the growth of new collagen which helps repair the damage.

Chemical peels. Different types of acid are put on the skin so that a smoother layer can form.

** After these treatments your skin needs some time to heal. Younger skin heals faster than the skin after 30’s.  These treatments don’t guarantee that you will not have acne after that!

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