Stop using soaps

noSoapSoap companies are making huge profits out of your pockets and giving you dangerous diseases in return.

The ingredients even in many branded soaps are known to damage your skin. They are deadly toxins that penetrate your body via hair follicles/pores and poison you. These chemicals can have potentially dangerous effects with long-term use. 

Some harmful chemicals in the soaps are: 

Artificial Fragrance – Most of the time, synthetic chemicals and cancer-causing toxins are used to make fragrances that can cause allergies. 

Sodium lauryl sulfate – This chemical is used to produce lather in soaps. Also known as Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) removes the natural oils of skin and increase penetration of the skin’s surface. They can cause eczema.

Triclocarban and Trichlorodiphenyl or Triclosan – These chemicals are most commonly found in antibacterial soaps. They are pesticides and contribute to antibiotic resistance in bacteria that causes infection in humans. They react with chlorine in tap water to produce dioxins that has been found in high levels in the breast milk of nursing mothers who use antibacterial soaps and other personal care products containing these ingredients because these chemicals can be absorbed easily through your skin. Dioxins can cause cancer, nerve disorders, and immune system disorders. Triclosan and triclocarban are ingredients in many other antimicrobial products, as well, including cutting boards and dish detergents.

Parabens. Human body mistakes them for estrogen so once they enter in the body they can disturb your hormones, which can result in early onset of puberty, reproductive difficulties and Breast cancer as well.

Tallow. It is nothing but Animal fat!!(Watch out if you are a vegan/vegetarian)

All these toxic chemicals not only harm you but also flushed down the drains everyday by using the soaps and get mixed in the soil and ground water. This is very harmful for our environment. Stop using soaps and contribute in saving the planet.

Please make the switch and your skin will be thanking you.

Trust me, it will take just seven days for you to get used to it without soaps but you will not stink at all.  

This is what I do for my soap-free body and hair wash. (Read here)

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